Italian Favorites from Our Recent Excursion

John's Favorite Dish:

The Fliet Mignon from Al Veluu in Tremezzo

Elana's Favorite Dish:

Piglet Stuffed Ravioli with Pear Sauce at La Fontanina in Verona

Favorite Breakfast Buffet:

Favorite Gelato:

Gelateria Agianni in Bologna

Favorite Bathroom:

Bathroom door of the Lake Como water taxi

Favorite Display of ABC Gum:

Juliet's House

Marmo's New Favorite Drinks (cut her off at two, please):

Favorite View...ummm....Please don't make us choose...


TremezzoVilla Balbianello, Lenno

Favorite Ridiculous Photo:

Roman Theater, Verona

Favorite Food Signage:

Favorite Wine Bar to Regain Body Heat and Internal Cheese Quotient after a Freezing Rain Tour of Villan Balbianello:

Cantina Follié, Tremezzo

Favorite Place to Pretend You are James Bond:

Villa Balbianello, Lenno

Favorite Italian Outfit:

Elana's Italia Cycling Kit, acquired in Bellagio

Favorite Hair Style:

Marmo after a day in the rain at Villa Balbianello

Favorite Place for John to Carry a Purse:


Favorite Swimming Pool:

Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Garden Pool

Favorite Meat Product:

Osteria del Bugiardo, Verona

Favorite Family Photo: