La Terazza and the Grand Hotel Tremezzo

In our previous post, Elana mentioned that us Iaciofano's stayed in the town of Tremezzo on Lake Como.  Our digs during our visit was the stuff dreams are made of - The Grand Hotel Tremezzo; a heavenly lake side palace of glory, gorgeousness, and glam.  Serious, serious kudos to Marmo for hooking this place up. 

Upon arriving, I literally spent about 2 hours just casing the joint - scoping the various indoor and outdoor pools, their tennis court, a lakeside beach and their beautiful lake-facing terraces.  The place is just pure magic.  The hotel (and Lake Como in general) really had an effect on me; at times, even causing me to conjure up foreign, romantic/cheesy ideas - like coming back another time with a lady friend to participate in some candle-lit, terrace-chilling, hand holding.  Yikes.

The area of the Hotel I always looked forward to visiting every day was the Terrace.  There were two main terraces at the Hotel - one for drinking/relaxing and another, where their restaurant was located, known as "La Terazza." On our first night, the crew settled in for a sit down dinner and was thoroughly impressed.  The view and atmosphere were literally breathtaking; La Terazza is situated on the 3rd floor of the Hotel, with a straight up unfair view of the Lake, neighboring towns, and Mountains.  Just an absolute visual treat. 

La Terazza's veal meatballs were spicy and perfectly salty.  The sauce was wonderfully tangy.

Elana's lake fish was a de-boned in front of our eyes, and was buttery fresh.

I ordered a veal chop with foie gras and black truffle (below).  It was amazing - the veal was as tender as a filet mignon and the truffle flavor did not disappoint.  The spinach was served was raisins and pine nuts.  It all blended together seamlessly.

Dessert was a marscapone shortbread combination masterpiece.

In the a.m., La Terazza functioned as the Hotel's breakfast scene, complete with some of the greatest cappuccino and freshly baked croissants on Earth (and that same amazing view).

Leaving the Grand Hotel Tremezzo was a sad, sad day in my life - evoking post-Bucknell graduation levels of sadness and nostalgia, despite staying there only 3 days.  One of the finest hotels I've ever stayed at.  Who wants to accompany me for a return trip?