Spritz Me!

While we Iaciofano's were cavorting through Italy, Marmo found a beverage she liked very much. So much, that she would order it wherever we went.

Marmo isn't much of a drinker. In fact, I usually have to cut her off after one glass of wine. Her normal speech velocity increases threefold and it becomes even more challenging to follow her thought patterns.

Luckily, an Aperol Spritz isn't a heavy hitter in terms of alcohol content. It's an aperitif...think of it as your warm up drink before you pull out all those fancy bottles of Brunello (or whatever) that you'll be enjoying with your main meal.

It's simple to concoct as well. Because warms ups should be simple. You don't want to strain yourself before the main event.

So ease into action with this aperitif.

What you need:


Sparkling white wine - we used Martini & Rossi Asti Sparkling Wine

What to do:

The recipe is simple: 3 parts Asti to 1 part Aperol.

I used a shot glass to measure and poured three shots of the sparkling wine and one shot of the Aperol into a large wine glass filled with ice.

Dunk in a slice of orange if you like.

Oh, and try to have some nice, meaty olives on hand. And maybe some peanuts too. Got it?

Now go find a sunny spot and enjoy. Cheers!