I know it's not Friday. But it's Fursday! So happy Cinco de Mayo! To celebrate, we are having Food Foto Fursday - just go with it! Yesterday, I posted about waffles. This past Sunday I spent a good deal of time, not only making them, but also photographing them.

Let's skip the conversation where you suggest I should do other things with my time.

For this photoshoot, I was messing around with props. I don't have a lot of interesting things lying around my apartment, but sometimes when you are just learning, less is more.

I began with setting up on the floor. I thought an aerial view would be interesting and I could also create some negative space for a title treatment. This is what I came up with:

But I felt like it wasn't quite working. And I wanted to get some of that morning sunshine coming in through the window to better convey the idea of "breakfast." So I moved it all to the table:

I thought I was getting there, but I didn't like the funny reflections in the coffee cup, or the uneven horizon line in the background. It was also bothering me that the coffee cup and the waffle pile were the same height. Don't you hate it when that happens?

So! I changed the angle of the camera to be slightly higher and replaced the coffee cup with a creamer.

I liked the creamer much better. Nice white color! But the waffles were a little too blurry. I was beginngin to think that my waffle pile was a bit of a diva. Also, that fork. What's up with that? It's front and center and getting all cut off in an awkward way.

So I moved it.

And focused in on that waffle pile juuuuust a tiny bit more. Now you can see in the center of that half-eaten waffle. I like that one almond sliver drowning in syrup. So that was my final shot, seen without notes below:

As before, the lighting was only natural light coming in from the left side at a window with a diffusion silk on it. All the other lights in my apartment were off. It was about 10:30 in the morning.

And yes, I ate the waffles afterward. Toby ate some of the almonds from the floor setup while my attention was diverted...