Something Simple – Roasted Peppers

Can we talk about my hair? We spend a lot of time talking about John's hair, and I would like to discuss mine for a moment.

It's Tuesday. And it's raining in New York. And it's fixing to keep this up all week. Rainy, humid weather means one thing for me – curly hair. And I don't mean wavy. Think Shirley Temple – the girl not the drink.

This New York rain is coming down two ways: torrents/sheets and that spittle/mist that is all around you, rendering your umbrella useless. Not to mention your hairspray.

So this week I need something easy to eat. Something I can bring to work, throw in a salad and eat indoors. Avoiding the outdoors altogether, and decreasing my chances of being mistaken for a poodle walking on its hind legs.

Last week, The Box waxed poetic about the Perfect Antipasto, which included roasted peppers. He suggested that you make your own roasted peppers, and I am going to echo that. Because really, it's so simple even The Box could do it.

What You Need:

A red pepper (or two or three....)

Some olive oil

A plastic Ziploc bag

That's it, people!

What To Do:

Heat up your oven to 500 degrees.

Rinse your pepper under water, and dry it off. Rub it with a thin coating of oilve oil and place it on a cookie sheet on the top most rack of your oven.

Bake. Until black char marks start to appear on the outside and skin gets all wrinkly. This could take about 10 minutes. Or so. You be the judge. It should look like this:

Put this wrinkly, charred veggie in a Ziploc bag. The steam from the pepper will cause it to wilt. After about 10-15 minutes in the bag, you can get brave and open it up. It should be cool enough to pluck off the green stem and peel off the skin.

Then slice it up into thin strips and discard the seeds, skin and stem.


Throw them in a salad, garnish a goat cheese adorned baguette, top a pizza, string them together and make a roasted pepper necklace!

Make lots of 'em!

Don't go out in the rain! Seriously, it's scary out there. Or at least I am.