Italian Favorites (in a non-comprehensive list)

Italian Favorites (in a non-comprehensive list)

This will be the end of the Italy posts. Next week we start talking turkey, as Thanksgiving is coming up! In the meantime, favorites from my Italian journey:

Il Cane:

Favorite image of a dog sleeping behind an old-timey wagon:

Il Pranzo: Favorite lunch – Pasta Cacio e Pepe at

Roma Sparita

. Note the basket of FRIED CHEESE. Yeah, that's right.


Favorite new cured meat: Like prosciutto but not pork from the Jewish section in Rome.

Le Patate:

Favorite photo of boiled potatoes cooling on a windowsill (I know, it makes no sense).

Il Polpo:

Favorite Octopus for sale at the Roman

Testaccio Market


Il Negozio:

Favorite Roman Gourmet Food Store (where I bought the salt) –


La Scuola Cucina:

Favorite Daytime Activity:

Velia's Cooking School

La Strada:

Favorite Creepy Alley in Orvieto - ALL OF THEM!

Il Miele:

Favorite Vendor at the Orvieto Farmer's Market – Sigillo di Garanzia Miele (No website I could find).  I bought Sunflower Honey and a jar of hazelnuts in honey, which is pretty much awesome. I keep saying that I'm going to bake something with it, but I just keep eating them out of the jar with a spoon.

Il Gioielli

: Favorite Jewelry Shop in Orvieto –

Spazio Manassei Gioielli

di Monixa Coscioni. I think this woman is a metal/gem stone working genius.

La Cattedrale:

Favorite Over-Exposed Cathedral Photo  – 

Orvieto Cathedral

(still learning the fancy new camera)


Favorite Tiny Red Car Loaded with Too Many Things (Orvieto)


Favorite B&B in Orvieto:

B&B Sant'Angelo

Il Vigneto:

Favorite Hotel/Vineyard in Orvieto:

La Rocca

La Ceramica:

Favorite Pottery Store:


- handcrafts pottery based on Medieval designs native to Orvieto. You can watch them paint in the store!

I Ravioli:

Favorite Pumpkin Ravioli EVER:

Palazzo Manfredi

(Michelin Star Restaurant)

Il Castagno:

Favorite Curbside Snack: Roasted Chestnuts from Street Vendors in Rome

La Photografia:

Favorite Tipsy Photo Take from a Moving Taxi in Rome

La Pasta:

Favorite Close-up Photo of Pasta with Cured Meats: Pasta Carbonara from

Le Mani in Pasta

(Trastevere, Rome)

Le Bar:

Favorite Wine Bar in Rome:

Il Goccetto

Le Bar:

Favorite Wine Bar in Orvieto:

La Champagneria

Salute! Thanks to


for an amazing trip!