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Celebrate July 4th with Baci S'mores

It's that time of year again — time to fire up the campfire, set off fireworks and catch fireflies. This July 4th, make your traditional s'mores special by adding Baci chocolates.

Baci are Italian chocolate hazelnut truffles, and when popped into the center of a freshly toasted marshmallow, they'll set off fireworks in your taste buds. Head on over to Colavita's Facebook Page or Baci's Facebook Page and like them for the full instructions. You can also check out our how-to stop motion animation below:

Special thanks to Tiny Cool for the sound!


Cupcakes from Sweetooth, The Ultimate Recovery Snack

The other week, I travelled up to Yorktown Heights for a ride with my teammates and friends Caitlin and Sarah.

We rode a 45 mile course, taking it a bit easy as we were still recovering from a big race. The ride was beautiful, we passed through such towns as Bedford where Martha Stewart keeps a small cottage....

I thought if Martha knew we were waiting outside, she would invite us in and offer us some tea and scones. ALAS! It was not to be. I was a little downtrodden at first, but Caitlin suggested that we instead visit Sweetooth, a cupcake bakery in Katonah

Katonah, New York is a pretty cute town. And Sweetooth is intensely so.

The interior is decorated in a color palette of hot pinks and browns with a gleaming white counter top showcasing the cupcake goodies.

I chose the S'mores cupcake (shown above). Its nicely coiffed icing was perfectly toasted in a handsome replica of a campfire marshmallow.

I purchased two: one to eat immediately, and one to take home and photograph with my fancy camera.

Biting into the cupcake unleashed a plethora of pleasant surprises. First, the dark chocolate cake was wonderfully moist (a MUST in my mind). And just as soon as I registered moist cake, I was equally thrilled to realize I had just unearthed a treasure-trove of s'more ingredients, as the inside was filled with graham cracker crumbs and a deep chocolate ganache.

All of this was surmounted by the afore-mentioned toasted marshmallow frosting which proved to be very light and...well...fluffy.... like a marshmallow, but with non of that sickly sweetness. It was actually quite airy like whipped egg whites with just a touch of sweetness.

I was very impressed with my recovery meal, and immediately felt I could bike another 45 miles. However, a much more challenging task awaited me – that of getting the uneaten cupcake back to the car, which meant riding my bike, cupcake in hand, for about a half a mile.

I placed the cupcake gently and (what I thought was) securely inside a screaming pink box. Then, I attempted a slooooow ride to the car. This is what happened:

I am happy to report that this little guy tasted just as good as it's brother even though he looked quite a mess.

I need a cupcake attachment for my bike.

43 Katonah Avenue
Katonah, NY 10536
(914) 232-7700

And this is a map of our ride: