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The Drive to Pizzaland (Video)


Recently, Elana had been pestering me to think of ideas for a trip.  A Pizza trip, that is;  somewhere interesting where we could go to potentially film and/or document the experience.  Brainless breaths of fresh air like this are needed, you see - as the lives of big shot foodie bloggers like ourselves becomes sometimes too involved with high priced restaurant openings and autograph requests.  It's how Elana and I decompress.

When Elana mentioned this, I immediately thought of Pizzaland - you know, the small shack which makes a brief appearance in the opening credits of the Sopranos, when Tony is driving through various sections of New Jersey? 

Now, as a self respecting Italian American, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the Sopranos in general, but that debate has already been had before and I don't want to get into it again.  Nonetheless, Elana and I did go to Pizzaland. And we drove there, just (almost) like Tony would.  Below is the video we made.

sopranos from John Iaciofano on Vimeo.

Oh, and about that Pizza.  It's quite lovely and satisfying, if you ask me.  It is made in a pan and slightly resembles the bar pie masterpiece at Star Tavern in Orange in that it is sweet, thin, yet soft and forgiving.  It's not quite as crunchy or as addictively glorious as the one at Star (it's also a bit too oily) but you won't be disappointed.  Each slice is also moist/collapsible enough to be eaten in three bites, should you so choose.

As far as ambiance is concerned, Pizzaland is not much: a cramped, diner-like setting with Sopranos mementos and a seriously dated feel.  But the staff was friendly, seats were very available and service was timely/immediate.  Also, at $7.50 for a large pie, the whole experience is a pretty amazing deal.