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Pie by Pie – Spicy Sausage Pizza at Ovest

John and I are fans of Luzzo's on the Lower East Side. Recently, I had a chance to go to Ovest, it's way-west Chelsea outpost with my members of my triathlon team to sample how they do it on the West Siiiiiiiide.

You may recall, I've mentioned my team, Full Throttle, before. I love going to restaurants with them. Both because they are such a great group of entertaining, wacky maniacs (in the best way possible), and because they are good eaters. VERY good eaters. Here are some of the M.V.P.'s:

Scott, on the left, is our head coach. He's in charge of all of us. Which is a big job, especially with team members that constantly fall off their bikes and wear their goggles upside me. Not only is Scott an excellent coach and accomplished athlete, but he is a champion eater as well. His recent quote upon sitting down at the table: "I'm going to eat my @$$ off." Well put.

Bill, on the right, is one of the team captains. He runs like the wind. Seriously, you should see this guy go. He is also incredibily helpful: Bill gives me rides to work in the morning, and also enjoys pushing me up Harlem Hill in Central Park on cycling days. Thanks for both lifts, Bill!


On the right is Amy, who is training for an Ironman. Her biking skills are so impressive, she can hang with the fast boys when we cycle in Central Park (we call them "Group 1"). Amy and I have conversations about things like farro. And granola. I like that.

On the left is Laurel. At our recent triathlon in Montauk, Laurel won. The whole race. Even beating the guys. You can check out Laurel's press clippings here. With all this training and racing, she still has time to eat pizza with us and read this blog.

And eat pizza we did. The highlight for me was Ovest's Piccante Pizza, (pictured at the top) topped with Mozzarella, Tomato sauce, Sausages, Hot Cherry Peppers, and Basil. The sausage was lightly applied so it didn't weigh down the pizza, while the dollops of mozzarella offered a smooth, melty-cream contrast. This type of pizza can easily get over-salted, but that wasn't the case here. Added bonus: spicy peppers scattered sparingly for a little extra bite. Artful, and nicely done.

And the bathrooms? I approve of this aqua-mosaic, mini subway-tiled wall:

513 West 27th Street
NY, NY 10001


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