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Twelve for 2012!

The year 2012 is the Chinese Year of the Dragon. But here on John and Elana Talk About Food, it's the Year of the Pizza. In order to start this year off right, we are kicking it off with a giveaway! You like free stuff, yes?

Yes! And free stuff is what you shall have.

You also like pizza, yes? No? Then why are you here? Seriously, let's talk about this...

Of course you like pizza! So, it follows that you must like free pizza.

We are not giving away free pizza... I'm sorry. BUT! We are giving away free Top Your Pizza Cookbooks. Twelve of them, in fact, to mark the year 2012.

In our Top Your Pizza Cookbook you will learn to make the following pies:

You will also get our trusty and reliable dough recipe that comes with helpful photographs and tips on getting your dough just right:

We also wax poetical on things like:

The Magnificent Pizza Peel and other fine the unsung hero - TONGS! Oh yes.

Finally, you will also be subject to my food photography which gets you up-close-and-personal with a fried leaf of sage:

Shows off the delicate entanglement of onions and gooey cheese:

And pizza in its purest form:

So what do you have to do to win one of the 12 cookbooks? We want you to like us. Our egos been running on low these days. We need a pat on the back...a thumbs up... So, if you like us, let us know by liking us on Facebook! The first 12 NEW people to like us on Facebook will receive one of these Top Your Pizza Cookbooks.

So, head on over to The John and Elana Facebook page and click "Like."

If you do, you will have pizza recipes and our eternal gratitude. And John may tell you how his hair does that funny flippy-thing. Maybe...

This offer will run until those first 12 people click "like"!




Top Your Pizza Cookbook!

I'm very excited to announce our first cookbook. I ate A LOT of pizza to produce this here book, yessiree, I did.
I personally tested each and every one of these recipes, making sure that they are not only edible, but 100% delicious.
I also wanted to give back. Not only a few calories, but a few dollars. That's why 80% of the proceeds from this book go straight to the non profit organization Just Food.
Are you familiar with Just Food? They are a local New York City organization with the mission to unite local farms and city residents of all economic backgrounds with fresh, seasonal, sustainably grown food.
It's a good mission. One I would like to help out with, and if you'd like to help too you can by buying this book. Plus, you'll get a bunch of amazing make-at-home pizza recipes.
What say you?
The book includes 8 pizza topping recipes, plus a recipe for dough and tips, tricks and tools! I'm hoping that this will be the first of more books to come.
Price: $18.00 (USD) Includes shipping and handling.

Something Simple – Crispy Pancetta

I still need to tell you about the rest of my New Hampshire adventures...BUT we just had a hurricane. And I lost power (which included Internet connection), so I couldn't write about it and edit the photos. So you'll need to hang in there....

I was, however, able to do something very constructive with my hurricane time before losing power: I made Crispy Pancetta.

This is fabulous stuff, people, make no mistake. You should get excited about this. And it's so dang easy, you'll want to cry with joy. Bake some up, crumble it up, throw it on pizza (what I did), sprinkle it on a salad or pasta, mix it in with your morning granola - I care NOT! Just do it.

Here's how:

What You Need:

As many thinly cut slices of pancetta as you can lay your sneaky mitts on
A baking sheet
A piece of parchment paper
An oven

What To Do:
Fire up that oven to 425 degrees.

Line a baking sheet with a piece of parchment paper (This keeps things all nice and neat. The meat won't stick to the baking sheet, and there's no messy cleanup. Need more reasons to use parchment paper?).

Place your sliced pancetta on the parchment lined baking sheet, spacing them evenly like cookies.

Place this whole contraption in the oven, and bake for about 40 minutes, or until crispy (and looks like the above photo).

Keep an eye on it, as oven heats and cooking times vary.

Remove from the oven and let it cool.

Crumble it with your fingers over whatever you're eating.

Commence crying with joy.


Top Your Pizza – A Flow Chart!

We are going ever-so-slightly off track here today and bringing you something instructional. Wait! Don't go away - yet! It's fun too, I promise.

Have I lied to you yet? On purpose? No.

I have made a flow chart to assist you in topping your pizzas. Pizza topping choices can be fraught with peril. Cheese? Which one? Can I put a mango on there? And so help me, Heavens to Betsy, if you put any more lardo on there, I'm calling the EPA. And NIH.

And just who is Betsy anyway, and what does she like on her pizza?

Find out, using this handy-dandy, step-by-step info-graphic, seen below. And BONUS: You can download your very own PDF of it here. So you can print it out and hang it on your fridge. Or use it as scrap paper. Whichever.