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John and Elana's Foodie Gift Guide 2012

All images courtesy of Brooklyn SlateWell, here we are on the other side of Thanksgiving. How are you all feeling? Are you PSYCHED? Are you PUMPED?? 

Are you completely hostile every time you walk into a place of commerce and hear "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" being piped through the sound system? Let me tell you, that song hits a nerve for me. Because if there is someone who knows exactly when I've been naughty and when I've been nice this year, I have the following to say:

1. SH&T

2. Doesn't this person have anything better to do?

No, this does not make me a Scrooge. I just speculate about the mental soundness of someone who would so closely monitor my behavior and then pepper me with coal should it not be to his liking.

That being said, I like Christmas. I like giving people presents. I also like buying them for myself (is this naughty or nice or borderline?), which I often have to do because of the constant influx of coal.

However, we are going to put this in the "Elana's Been Nice" category, as I am here to offer you both:

1. Advice

2. Discounts and promotions

Get excited, because over the next few weeks leading up to the big day we will be pumping you full of gifting advice. We will also be starting a Pinterest board to archive all these suggestions, which you can check here (special stocking stuffers go to those who start following us on Pinterest).

Our first present to you comes from Brooklyn Slate Company. You may recognize their beautiful products from many of our posts. Their gorgeous reclaimed slates can be used as cheese boards, appetizer plates, serving trays and much more.

They even have handy-dandy composed gifts like their Pantry Collectives (photographed by yours truly!)

Pantry Collectiveand the campfire kit;

Campfire Kitand sweet little accessories like cheese knives and tote bags.

And starting NOW through December 24, 2012, our readers get 10% online purchases.

Please use this code: JOHNANDELANA12 at checkout to get your 10% off. 

Now go check it out ---- > Click here for the Brooklyn Slate website!