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Holiday Gift Guide - Part 5 - Selections from Gustiamo

Shopping for gourmet Italian goodies is one of my favorite pastimes. However, for the holidays, I must buckle down and buy them for OTHER people. I compromise by buying two of everything - one for me and one for them.

One fantastic resource for online Italian foodie gifting is Gustiamo. Their selection is top notch and comprehensive. 

The above items are all from the Gustiamo online shop and are perfect for the Italian food snob on your list. Right after that chunk of coal you were going to throw in their stocking. Let's go through 'em:

1. Martelli Artisanal Pasta: These beautifully packaged pastas are made daily by a family operation. Read more about the pasta here and purchase it here.

2. Fancy Tomatoes: Getting San Marzano tomatoes from Italy might seem like a bit of an indulgence, but it IS the holidays. And these little numbers will kick your holiday pizzas up quite a few notches. You are making pizza for the holidays, right? Phew... Read all about San Marzano's here and get a can or five here.

3. Faella Artisanal Pasta: Another fantastic pasta option straight from the Campagnia region. Educate yourself here and buy it here.

4. Panettone: A traditional holiday Italian bread - Panettone is one part bread (think brioche in texture), one part cake (it is sweet) and allllll festive. Cut giant slices and make French-Italian toast for your Christmas breakfast. Or toast it up and serve with a dollop of mascarpone cheese and berries. Check it out here and buy a bundle here.

5. Gianduja spread: a spread made from chocolate and hazelnuts. Break out the spoons, this one if from Molina - where they take chocolate very seriously. You can count on a quality chocolate selection. Read about their spread and chocolates here and buy a jar (for me) here.


The Holiday Foodie Gift Guide Part 3

Newsflash - guys can be foodies, too.  Which means those same guys appreciate foodie gifts, goods and gadgets; and not from Best Buy.  The following are some cool gift ideas I've been jonesing via the internet, should you have a fella in your life (Ma! Are you listening?) who appreciates cool culinary themed gifts.

Full disclosure: I do not claim to have much experience with these products.  Many of these gifts I have not tried nor even seen in action but, it's the Holidays, and since these gifts are not actually for yourself, feel free to inject some impulsivity in your shopping tendencies.  It's the thought that counts after all.

1) Salami of the Month Club by Olympic Provisions - As per their website, "the purchaser can decide whether the lucky recipient gets either 1, 2, or 3 of each month's featured salami, which ships the second Tuesday of the month. Included with the salami are detailed tasting notes and examples of how Salumist Elias Cairo likes to enjoy it." I could not think of a more conveniently awesome plan to spruce up your man's snack arsenal, for an entire year!  Also - enter promo code "SALAMI" and get $10 off your purchase!  That's not a joke, actually.  That is straight from Olympic Provisions, from us, to you.  Make it happen.

2)Tovolo King Cube Silicone Ice Cube Tray - Because serious gentlemen keep a well stocked liquor cabinet/bar for himself and guests.  And serious drinks (and sore knees), occasionally, need ony one, gigantic ice cube.

3) The Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine - Speaking of serious drinks, is there a better way to top off your meal (or start the morning) than via a cafe caliber espresso?  These Nespresso machines are pretty awesome actually; I single handedly deplete my parents cartridge stash when home for the holidays.  And the pixie model lets you select it in some cool colors.

4) Italian Oil Can - Emulate master pizza maker Dom Demarco with a gorgeous olive oil can of your own. And, if you don't know who Dom Demarco is, watch this and go to Di Fara please. For your own good.

5) Rocker Pizza Knife - And when your man is done making that beautiful pizza, tell him to give that wheeled pizza cutter a rest, and instead rock that pie towards sliced perfection while looking a tad manlier in the process.

Well, there you have it.  Still plenty of time to place your orders and receive these gifts prior to the holidays.  And, please, don't be afraid to share your experiences on the blog should you be so compelled!