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Elana's Food Journal - The First Flip Through

So what is this food journal anyway? I addressed this briefly last time, I'll reiterate now: it's a grand experiment. For me, that I'm inflicting on you. But I feel like I'm onto something here. It's the beginning...of what, I'm not sure. I've been writing, drawing and photographing what I eat. Not to count calories but to keep track of something else - memories. Events, thoughts, dreams, smells, and yes, even recipes, that surround my daily encounters with food.

So I compiled the most recent pages (as I haven't been good about posting them one at a time) into a flip book, so you can see the progress, read my thoughts (literally) and experience the last few weeks through my eyes (and stomach).

Here are a few snippets, followed by a link to the full book.

I've been messing around a lot with bread. Over Christmas I made my own spelt flour bread and then made a brief, ridiculous movie about it. Here's the film:

I've been busting out the Instax camera with some regularity as well. The above photos were taken at a Taralucci & Vino on the Upper West Side with my friend Steve. We were trying to get a hold of the light. Quite literally. Steve was trying to get a hold of a cinnamon bun.

There's also been more pizza. So much pizza, I'm almost embarrassed to say. Wait. Scratch that. I'm PROUD to say there has been SO MUCH DANG PIZZA that it would horrify you. The above is one I created for a New Year's Eve Party.

And then there are the thoughts. Thoughts brough on by spending too much time in the kayak (my tiny apartment), reading too many articles about finding your "calling" in life, and easy access to Sharpie markers.

And then there are actual recipes. If you can follow this one, I'll make you more pesto.

This one I can't give you the recipe. I promised not to. And I keep my promises.

If you'd like to see the full, scroll down. I'd like for this to go somewhere... Where I don't know. But I'd like to add in more thoughts, actual recipes, and etc. I'm even starting to take this agenda out on my clients. I created a food journal for Colavita which I'll also post. 

Now how many girls let you ready their diary??


Elana's Food Journal - Leftover Pizza

Above pizza is from Emily's Pizza in Brooklyn.

Welcome to the first edition of ELANA'S FOOD JOURNAL (did you hear that echo?)!

This is very exciting folks. I'm starting a new series that I hope to keep up, New Year's Resolution-style. No! I actually intend to do it.

This is the place where food and art really collide in a slice (no pun intended even though there is pizza pictured above) of my life, through food. 

This journal really exists. It's mine. I record what I eat. But not in the usual way. It's not a laundry list, calorie counting smorgasbord of random things I have eaten throughout the day.

It's just a piece of my day, made memorable (or not) by what I ate. Maybe it was leftover pizza for breakfast, as shown above. Maybe it's going to be coffee and kale chips (bad combo, people...just sayin'). The doodles and art are also real. Done by me, as I see fit to work them around the food.

This journal will reflect:

My mood

My appetite

My relative energy for drawing/creativity.

Sometimes there will be recipes. Sometimes not. Sometimes I might not even say anything (wooohoooo - vacation for you!

You may ask, "What is the dang point, Elana?"

Well, I'll tell you. The point is that I'm constantly trying to think about how to be DIFFERENT with my food art and food stories. This project is an attempt at that. To really THINK about what it means to tell a story with food, using a literal analogy.

And if any of this seems ridiculous, first know that:

1. It is. Hooray!

2. I've had an amazing sinus infection for the past 4 days, so a lot of things seem like a good idea right now.

Finally, I'm posting these on my own little website that is currently under construction, but if you'd like to check that out, click here.