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Dutch Desserts Heal a Sprained Ankle

Let's talk about combinations. Some things just go together, for example:

Salt and pepper.

Chocolate and pretzels.

Maple syrup and bacon.

Milk and cereal.

Wine and cheese.

Coffee and donuts.

I could go on, but I'll add just two more: 

1. Trail runs and sprained ankles.

2. Mixed berries and the most unbelievable pie crust I have found to date.

I'd like to address these last two in particular.

To #1, I should perhaps add, "momentary lapse in sanity" and make it threesome. A few weeks ago, I decided to do a trail run at Muscoot Farms. This was not a good idea. But it was fall! It was a farm! There was a farmer's market with donuts (and, yes, coffee) awaiting at the finish line. I thought, hey, it's only five miles.

Five miles of the most treacherous terrain I've encountered on foot. It was one part steeple chase, 1 part train run and 1 part gauntlet. I fell three separate times. And then I stepped on a rock and twisted my ankle. I was (and am) very cranky about it.

To ease my mental and physical anguish, I bought pie from Dutch Desserts who were hawking their wares at the farmer's market following the run.

These pies looked amazing. They had mini and regular sizes, and the mini's were pretty hearty. They stood about three inches high (hooray for spring-form pans!), with a lattice crust top that enclosed different fruit, chocolate or pumpkin fillings.

I was immediately attracted by the mixed berry. It spoke to me. Its deep purple color put me into a trance. Which, considering I had just run up almost-vertical hills, was probably not too difficult. But still. A trance, I tell you. I purchased it and one of its raspberry peach siblings. 

Only the mixed berry survived the ride home to be photographed. Let me first discuss the crust. 

THICK. BUTTERY. Flaky...but not too. It didn't crumble when pressed with a fork (thank you, copious amounts of butter). And it wasn't dry. It was like a soft-baked cookie, nestling a dense, almost pudding-like terrine of fruit.

How dense? Pretty darn so. The fruit was packed in tight, resulting in a fruity compote with the consistency of Greek yogurt. I mean this as a good thing. As an added bonus, the fruit wasn't too sickly sweet. You could taste the actual berries. I would say of the two, the crust was the sweeter of the combination.

If you are no where near Muscoot Farms, you can purchase pies directly from Dutch Dessert's website here. And with all number of holidays approaching, I suggest you make haste and do it soon. Like now. Go one, get!

Just don't go racing around on any trails, you might sprain an ankle.