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A Birthday Give Away!

Monday is my birthday. It's the big 3-5. Unlike some other people on this blog, I enjoy celebrating birthdays. Particularly my own. People say nice things to me. I think they feel obligated. So I let them. Some of them even buy me gifts. Go nuts. No complaining here.

This year for my birthday, I bought myself a gift: A trip to San Francisco. I haven't been to San Fran since I lived on the West Coast, and when I lived on the Westerly side of the country, I was in SoCal not NoCal, so I didn't get up there much.

My friend Kaz who lives in L.A. is obligingly meeting me there, so we are going to have a little Foodie weekend. I promise you pictures! I promise you food reports (especially from this place)! I promise you all kinds of nonsense!

In return I ask for not much. Except.....

Well, I decided to run a little give away. Perhaps you heard that we have a pizza cookbook? I'd love to encourage you to buy it, as it's for a good cause. However, I will be giving away a copy of the cookbook PLUS a little treat (yet to be named) from San Francisco.

What do you have to do?

Please comment on this blog post. Send me some birthday wishes. Tell John to get his hair cut, whatever (I'd prefer the birthday wishes).

I will pick one commenter and award the prize to that person. Sound good?

You have until midnight of November 7th to post your comments.