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Head to Head Hand Dryer Smackdown - Dyson vs Xlerator

 When Elana and I review a restaurant, we always make sure to check out the bathrooms.  Indeed, it's a minor concern towards a restaurant's final grade, but it can also serve as a valuable behind-the-scenes glance of an eatery's foundation.

Bonus points are always given to tidiness and space, as well as fancy fixtures and capable appliances.  One way to easily spruce up a restaurant's water closet regardless of its geometric limitations? Install a bad ass hand dryer.  I'm not talking about the old school ones which dry heaves a wheezing, lukewarm breeze of 9 volt powered puniness to your damp digits.  I'm talking about fire breathing, skin rippling, technologically advanced hot boxes of sanitation supremacy.

Two of the better hand dryers Elana and I encounter are the Dyson Air Blade and the Xlerator.  Which one is better?  Let's find out, using (1) Innovation, (2) Fun Factor and (3) Effectiveness as criteria.  First, let's properly introduce our contenders:





Both have motion sensor technology, dispersing immediate and glorious gusts of hand drying hotness.  The 'Blade - the sleeker of the two - lives up to its name, spraying a narrow stream of manufactured heat within a futuristic Demoliation Man like semi enclosed chamber.  The Xlerator by contrast - while not uncool looking by any means - favors functionality over fashion.  Think Ferrari vs. Batmobile.  Edge - PUSH

Fun Factor:

Measuring enjoyment rendered from hand drying devices is admittedly difficult, not to mention embarassing and moronic.  Bet let's do it anyway.  The Blade probably gets the nod here, allowing its participants engage in a sort of vertical DJ scratching motion to hasten hand drying where the subject can, with surgical like precision, address damper areas of the hand, while the Xlerator provides a more barbaric and abstract de-moisturizing experience.  Edge - Dyson


To me, this is a clear cut win for the Xlerator.  With its wider, slightly more powerful air stream and the freedom to rub/shake your hands at various distances from the spout, the Xlerator gets the job done quickly and more thoroughly than the 'Blade, which prohibits such improvisation.  Edge - Xlerator


While the scorecard here would seem to indicate a tie, I find the Xlerator to be the superior machine owing to its power and impressive ability to dry your hands in record time.  What is your preference?  Let us know.

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Reader Comments (3)

The Xlerator is by far better. The Dyson when not emptied every day throws water back at you. Have you ever seen what people put in those Dyson's They are treated like the toilet and trash barrel.....Grosssss

August 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJIm Bigos

John and Elana -

Nice write up. The Xlerator and the Dyson Airblade are two of the most popular hand dryers on the market and you captured their differences nicely. Both are popular in restaurants. The Airblade has the advantage in the higher-end restaurants. Jim's comment isn't quite right because the Airblade does not have to be emptied. I have also never experienced it spraying back. However it is important to give these a wipe-down once a day, just as you would the rest of the restroom.

August 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChris Berl

What a great article! We love both of these dryers, not only for their effectiveness, but advancement in technology and design as well!! Thanks for sharing!
We'd love for you to browse other awesome designs Dyson and Xlerator have to offer!
Cameron @

February 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterCameron

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