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Snapshots from the Shore. And Some Pickles.

Finally, I (Elana) was able to get down the shore! I missed it, especially the food. Shore food is unique. It can even be weird. Or slightly gross. But whatever it is, it's usually occurs in abundance.

This visit featured a new cast of characters – including something very rare: TAKE OUT.

The Iaciofano's rarely do take out at the Shore. Usually, there is a constant flux of food items coming in and out of the fridge and on to and off of the grill. But on Friday, Marmo, Brittany (of Ironman fame) and myself arrived in a lazy state of mind. Truth be told, our only goal was to start drinking some wine.

Which we did. But first we placed a rather lengthy order for take out from The Maine Course. I appreciated the pun on words in the restaurant title. I also appreciated the intensely HUGE, crispy and meaty sweat potato fries that accompanied my Lobster Roll.

I was actually so overwhelmed by my fries, I couldn't focus on the lobster. They even dwarf the roll in size! They were ribbed (for my taste buds' pleasure, I assume) and the fry crust enveloped these ridges in an uneven surface-of-the-moon way that kept my mouth interested and allowed for little pockets of fry flavor. 

But back to the lobster. I have to admit I was so overwhelmed by the size of the fries, that I was under whelmed by the size of the sandwich. But I got over it once I tasted the freshness of the lobster meat. Buttery-soft and pliable, with whole chunks of claws mixed in with the tail meat. The claws are my favorite part.

It wasn't overly-dressed, but simple with a little mayo. I added in some of their house-made slaw which was both tangy and sweet.

The roll was a Martin's potato roll, of which both John and I heartily approve.

We had also ordered two house salads that came equipped with a pineapple vinaigrette. We loved the vinaigrette, but truth be told we were too occupied with our entrees to focus on salad. You don't make friends with salad, you know...

Because of this, the salads made a reappearance at the next day's lunch buffet. And when I say "buffet," I mean:

This is real, people, make no mistake. This is what happens at lunch at the Shore. Everything gets pulled out of the fridge and thrown onto the counter top. And then everyone stands around it and eats various items with reckless abandon until someone becomes horrified by the spectacle and starts putting items back into the fridge.

Highlights from the above include these watermelon mojitos, Stonewall Kitchen's Raspberry Salsa (sweet and spicy and I was eating it with a spoon), and these babies:

This was Brittany's idea. And I must admit, I was alarmed by her suggestion to take Dill Havarti cheese and sandwich them between Vlasic Bread and Butter pickles.

Who does that??

We did. And you should too, because they are OFF THE CHARTS GOOD. The Bread and Butter pickles are sweet and tangy and the super soft Havarti delicately seasoned with dill is like a buttery, gooey break between those sharp pickles. My next step is to literally stuff a hamburger with this combination. It's a winner. I promise you.

The Box was so pleased with them, he couldn't control himself:

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This all looks incredible! I want to get out of the city and go eat right now. Thanks for sharing.

July 27, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterkate

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