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Elana in France! Followed by the Iaciofano's on Maneuvers in Italy!

This is big news. BIG. Nope, you're not thinking big enough....therrrre you go. Ok, here it is:

Starting tomorrow (that means Wednesday) I will be leaving town. Just for a spell, I'll be coming back (I think). I'm going to France to cycle with my triathlon team, Full Throttle. We are going to be landing in Nice and cycling parts of the Tour De France. This will most likely be the most difficult cycling I've ever done.

Consider the itinerary:

Intimidating, no? However! We will be stopping for wine and food along the way. For those of you that read the above graphic, you will have noted that we actually stop for a wine tasting in between legs of one of the bike rides. This strikes me as hilarious.

I've only ridden a bike a few times after drinking. The first time was in Paris, and the bike had a flat tire. It was one of those pay-a-Euro-take-a-bike dealio's. I had a confusing conversation with an inebriated Parisian about the state of my bicycle.

The other times have been on the handlebars (yes, I'm aware this isn't safe) of my giant pink beach cruiser, piloted by John as we depart from some Jersey Shore related entertainment (namely, The Sea Shell on LBI).

So this will be a new experience! I'm hoping it will look everything like this...

image from: nothing like the Paris or LBI experiments. But we shall see.

Immediately afterwards, I am hopping on one of those high speed trains (at this point I will probably be thankful for a mode of transport that propels itself) and going to Milan, Italy where I will meet the rest of the Iaciofano's (three in total: Marmo, The Box and John) for a reverse carbo-loading experience.

Here is the Italian itinerary:

This agenda, as you can see, is woefully lacking in detail. Where are we eating? What are we doing? And what is this mysterious villa mentioned on May 5th? This agenda was supplied by the enigmatic Marmo, so no one should be surprised by the scarcity of information. SHE knows exactly what's happening. The rest of us are clueless.

And so, this is how we will roll through Northern Italy, as Marmo (a.k.a. The Little General) marches us to heaven only knows where!

I'm not sure if this is more or less frightening than the drunk cycling. Both are likely to cause some kind of international incident.

What is it that you pack for such an adventure? I'm going with "everything" or so it would seem from this snapshot of my packing area:

That is a terrifying mess, is it not? Let's have that in a close-up:

Even scarier. Anyway, I promise to get this under control. I also promise to keep you updated. Once a day I will post something to this blog. It will most likely be an iPhone camera snippet of what's going on. What's been eaten, seen, stumbled upon, and hopefully not crashed into.

I invite you to join me, my fellow cycling maniacs and my family as we traipse around Europe and attempt to behave ourselves! Stay tuned....

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I can't help but compliment you on that breathtaking picture of those cyclist in the middle of the sunflower field. It's just... WOW! Makes me wish I was one of them.

April 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCyclist Rose

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