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Favorites from 2012

Greetings! On this eve of 2012, John and I would like to bring you a non-comprehensive, completely random, possibly spastic list of our favorite things from 2012.  If you have not experienced or tried any of these, we recommend giving them a shot in 2013, as we expect they will be just as good then, if not better. 

Thank you so much for reading in 2012 - we hope you come back in 2013 as I'm sure John will have picked up some new hair-styling tips by then. CHEERS!

So without further ado, let's get this ball rolling...or dropping...

Favorite unlikely snack: Bread and butter pickles with Dill Havarti cheese

Elana's favorite place to overeat: Smorgasburg (especially at the Pizza Motto Cart)

John's favorite late night slice: 7 Stars in Hoboken, NJ

Elana's favorite pizza of 2012: Saraghina in Bed Stuy

Favorite NJ Beach Bar: The Parker House

Favorite breakfast that will change your life: 7-ish grain pancakes

Favorite meat (butter) to date: Lardo

Favorite Brother-Sister Italian moment: 

Favorite drink to recover from a death-defying trip up and down a French mountain: hot chocolate

Favorite place to take Aunt Emily to dinner: Casa Bella

Favorite row of Italian food shops: Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.

Favorite pre and post-race sustinance: This toast and this beer.

Favorite Bathroom: Lake Como Water Taxi

Elana's favorite products to blend together: Almond milk, Grady's Cold Brew and Justin's Maple Almond Butter.

Favorite stinky place: The cheese caves at Murray's on Bleecker.

Favorite Pizza I never ended up posting about (sorry): Via Tribunali

Favorite place to grab a craft beer (and a sandwich!): ABC Beer Co.


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