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Brooklyn Day – Part The Third – The Brooklyn Farmacy

What is it you need after donuts? Ice cream sodas. Duh – where are your brains at?

I brought all my remaining brain cells (which some of you will argue are dwindling down to single digits) straight to the Brooklyn Farmacy for just this purpose. I wanted to be served ice cream and soda by real old-timey JERKS. Soda jerks, you know?

If you didn't know, Brooklyn Farmacy is just that step-back-in-time kind of dessert and soda fountain shop, complete with snaking counter top, apothecary bottles, vintage gizmos, and official jerk hats!

I was also attracted by their sincere window advertising:

instead of an egg cream, I opted for the Strawberry Ice Cream Soda with Strawberry Ice Cream. A double berry dose.

Their sparkling sodas are made with natural syrups by P&H Soda & Syrup and their ice cream is from Adirondack Creamery.

This combination translates into a marvelously good ice cream soda. My favorite part of an ice cream soda is the chemistry: that foam that forms when the cream meets the carbonation, created a frothy fizzle of tastiness. And then there's the creamy, cool drinkability of the melted ice cream as it melts into the soda....I never know whether to use my spoon or my straw, so I end up using both. At the same time. Which results in an unnaturally short shelf life (in this case counter-top life).

Life span of this particular ice cream soda: less than 3 minutes.

Can't you just hear the straw noises?

And you can rest assured that Brooklyn Farmacy carries their retro decor right into the bathroom.

With tin ceilings, exposed brick walls and a stamp-dispensing machine, you can post mark your mail from the Baby Boomer's bathroom.

Or if mail is too much trouble, you can leave a message for the next passer-by in chalk outside the Farmacy walls. I felt it was necessary to sketch an homage to my ice cream soda.

So the next time you are wandering through the streets of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, step up to the counter and have some real Jerks serve you the best ice cream sodas in town.

Brooklyn Farmacy
513 Henry Street, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

Now let's take a moment to regroup and recap. This is what I brought home with me from my day's adventures:

Part The First: I travel to Williamsburg for perfectly poached eggs, tiny pepperoni, polish pastry, and the world's best coffee (no joke).

Part The Second: All aboard the G Train – first stop: donuts. Have a dulche de leche at Dough. This donut will make you dance, it will make you sing, it will make you want to eat another. There is nothing this donut can't do. Except your taxes...

Part The Third: The biggest jerks in town! Visit the Brooklyn Farmacy for old-timey ice cream soda deliciousness. Completely with authentic soda jerks (not the other kind of regular run-of-the-mill jerk).


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A fantastic week of great food and photos.

July 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTHE BOX

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