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Brooklyn Day – Part the Second – The Forbidden Donut

After Williamsburg, I jumped on the G Train and disembarked in Clinton Hill for the sole purpose of visiting Dough.

Dough is an exceptional donut shop. I first learned about Dough from Food Curated's video which highlights this shop and their mouth watering donut-making techniques.

All the donuts are hand-made on the premises with special care. And as it says in the video, "If you're happy, the donuts are happy." I found this argument to be a bit cyclical (in the best possible way), as these happy donuts, in turn, made me even happier than I already was, which seemed to please the Dough employees as well. I love circular logic.

I also loved this donut: the Dulche de Leche.

Have you read e.e. cummings' poem, "In Just"? Because the best way to describe this donut is "mudluscious." That is, if the "mud" were a cooked-for-6-hours, perfectly sweet and delectible dulche de leche sauce that has seeped into the softest of fried dough rounds, making it oh-so-slightly gooier, and adding in a few almonds for crunch. Now that's mudluscious.

And that dough....let me tell you this place is aptly named because I could eat the dough without any topping, dulche or otherwise. It's that good. Soft. Softer than soft. It has a slight gumminess that makes you want to take another bite....and get the idea.

Homer Simpson once said, "Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?"

I would say these donuts accomplish much in the arena of motivation alone. They convinced me to travel to Clinton Hill. And ride the G Train. And they have already convinced me to return.

305 Franklin Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205

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