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Put Some Stinky Cheese on That Slate

This is an exciting post for a few reasons:

1. It contains cheese!

2. We are announcing our first advertiser – Brooklyn Slate! Check the cool banner above.

How's that?

On my recent excursion to the neighborhoods of Brooklyn, I happened on Stinky Brooklyn. I say "happened on" like I didn't plan it out days in advance, which I most certainly did. Stinky Brooklyn is a cheese shop and gourmet food market located in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn.

I love cheesemongers. Helpful ones, that is. And these guys are some of the helpful-est. I marched up to the counter and demanded cheese. But I didn't know what I wanted. I like to have the 'mongers surprise me. See if they can figure out what makes me tick. Cheese-wise.

Me: I would like some cheese. Give me something weird.

Monger: Ok.....liiiiike stinky weird, or just unusual?

Me: Unusual.

What he returned with was pure perfection in the form of two cheese selections:

1. Mt. Tam: a circlet of soft double cream goodness with a mild hint of Brie-like flavor.

2. An aged Peccorino Romano with a balsamic vinegar rind: This was my favorite. I had never encountered its Peccorino equal. With just a touch of sweetness from the balsamic, this salty cheese is a fantastic combination of flavor.

Now, getting back to Brooklyn Slate. Readers of this blog will have seen my Brooklyn Slate before. I feature it in many of my photos. For expample: here, here and here. One of the reasons it makes such a pretty backdrop for food is because that's what it's meant to do – present food!

Each piece of slate is hand selected and crafted by Sean and Kristy of Brooklyn Slate.

You can even obtain these fancy slates at Stinky Brooklyn.

And now I have brought it full circle. Like the Mt. Tam cheese.

Stinky Brooklyn
261 Smith Street
(between Douglass & Degraw)
Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Slate

Reader Comments (1)

Mt. Tam may be my new favorite cheese. I picked it up at a market the other day and fell in love. Hope you enjoyed as well!

July 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKazia Jankowski

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